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General Questions

How Can I Buy a Massachusetts School Building Authority Bond?

Bonds can only be purchased by investors through a registered broker-dealer.

Is the interest on the bonds issued by the MSBA exempt from state and federal income taxes?

The interest on all MSBA bonds is exempt from the Massachusetts State Income tax. Except for three debt offerings the interest for MSBA bonds is also exempt from the Federal Income tax. The interest received on the 2009 Series B issue, the 2010 Series A issue and the 2011 Series A is subject to the federal income tax. For a more complete description of the tax-exempt status of a particular series of MSBA Bonds, see the “Tax Exemption” or “Tax Matters” section of the Official Statement relating to such series of Bonds under the Financial Documents section of this website.

When are MSBA bonds issued?

There is no set schedule for the issuance of MSBA bonds. The timing of MSBA bond issuance is determined by the financial needs of the Authority.